Cause And Effect Of Prohibition Essay

Despite the United States Government putting prohibition into effect to reduce criminal activity, corruption, and social problems, it actually caused more damage.
Coker, Joe L. Liquor in the Land of the Lost Cause Southern White Evangelicals and the Prohibition Movement. Lexington,: U of Kentucky, 2007. 345. Print.
This book is about the people who wanted to clean up American and bring it back to a society that went to church and had honest and good morals. It focuses on the southern states and antebellum culture. It also touches on the racism that also fed into the white Evangelical Christians decision to try to push prohibition on Americans. Joe L. Coker taught core curriculum at a University in Birmingham Alabama. He later took a job at Baylor College in Waco, Texas in the Department of Religion. This book will help me develop my argument that prohibition caused more damage than it helped prevent. Using this information I can provide specific examples of the many negative outcomes of prohibition, specifically focusing on the southern areas of the united states.
Jones, Mark R. Wicked Charleston: The Dark Side of the Holy City. Charleston: History, 2005. 123. Print.
This book goes into the cause and effect of prohibition in the state of South
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It starts from the beginning, when alcohol was first introduced, to when Prohibition was passed as a law. It takes a deep look at the role alcohol has played in American society and to what length Americans went through to keep drinking and distributing it. Daniel Okrent received the Albert J. Beveridge prize from the American Historical Association for this book. One of his other history books was nominated for the Pulitzer Prize for History. This book has a lot of information that supports my thesis on the cause and effect of prohibition. It goes into depth on the criminal activities people justified doing in order to keep

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