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The first example of this effectiveness in expressing Catullus’ state of mind is in the first line when it says etsi me assiduo confectum cura-although I am worn out by continual grief. Evidently this is showing the great extent of Catullus’ depression due to his brother’s death. This point is reinforced literarily by the emotive presence of the emphatic word assiduo-continual, showing the true magnitude of the cura-grief itself. Additionally the structure of the line itself and the positioning of the words themselves instrumented by Catullus again very effectively expresses Catullus’ feelings for his brother. assiduo confectum cura-worn out by continual grief. It is as if the sandwiching of the word confectum-worn out by assiduo and cura is in a sense as if the word itself is literally being worn out by the other two by being sandwiched. Of course, also the passive voice used in confectum to express the fact that Catullus’ is the victim of the upset caused by the death of his brother and he himself if passively being worn out.

It then goes onto say how dolore sevocat a doctis…virginibus-sorrow calls me away from the learned maidens. This evidently again expresses Catullus’ sadness because of the death of his brother, because he now literally cannot write poetry because he is so distraught. This point is emphasised by the fact that dolore-sadness is placed last word in the previous line to join together the two lines centred around his sadness, additionally by the fact that dolore is personified as it is the one who actively sevocat-calls (him) away.

Additionally when it says nec potis est dulces Musarum expromere fetus mens animi-and the thought of my mind is not able to produce the sweet fruits of the Muses. The fact that his mind physically cannot write poetry is obviously an expression of the pain he is feeling for his brother’s death. This point is reinforced by the promotion of nec potis est to first words in the line to emphasise his...
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