Catcher in the Rye

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Catcher in the Rye Annoations PGS. (24-252)
Why is this so important?
Why does the author always mention everything as sad?
What an oxymoron.
Why does the mention the word killed twice?
Why does he always have to question everything? Its kills me. Who is this somerset Maugham?
One can infer he wanted to be down at the game.
He says this about Ackley to make himself feel better
Well obviously he did.
Why does he italicize goner?
This statement is pointless.
One can infer he is being sarcastic.
Well by his attitude, obviously.
He doesn’t have to say goddamn to everything.
Why does he make fun of ackely but yet loves him?
One can infer Ackley is messing around.
That’s disgusting.
Why in the world would he do that?
I doubt that actually happened.
One can infer the hat changes him as a person.
This sentence makes no sense.
One can infer Ackley was laughing.
One can infer he is referring to ackley’s dumbness.
Why would he use the word horny? It doesn’t make sense to me. 32.
One can infer that this word means son of a bitch.
Sounds like a lot of people in society.
I doubt he actually does.
Why does he have to make fun of Ackley?
One can infer Ackley doesn’t like being called kid.
Cut does not fit into the sente.ce
One can infer Holden doesn’t really care.
One can infer Ackley is socially awkward, but not as much as holden. I hate beards, no homo.
35. That sounds terribly disgusting.
What is this song of india?
I doubt he looked as good as he thought.
One can infer Holden might be a little bisexual.
This doesn’t need to be in here.
Why does holden care so much for stradlater?
Haha, I love how he uses the word, Buddyroo.
The one who is ironic is holden!
What does he mean by compositions?
Now he has to compare others to Ackley, pointless.
That’s a weird name for a movie.
I doubt he actually was.
One can infer she is a cougar.
I love fitzgerald.
One can infer stadlater is mad.
Why does he call the razor crumby?
One can infer he only wants her for the sex.
Why does stradlater get moody all the time?
Checkers could be important later in the novel.
What is vitalis?
Why does he have this thoughts?
He is super insecure of himself.
One can infer holden is getting mad.
Haha, why does he have to insult Ackley?
What is a hound-tooth jacket?
One can infer he never gives regards.
One can infer he is getting etremly mad.
This sounds like kids in our society today.
That’s a weird thing to ask.
He is really starting to sound as if he was homo.
Author makes fun of Ackley to make himself feel better.
Ive always wondered why authors do this.
One can infer Ackley was a thick boy, not fat.
Uses simile to compare him to a madman.
What does he mean by a lousy movie?
I love those people, so its not all awkward.
One can infer he is overexgattering.
What exactly did he throw?
Well that’s soviety?
Simile to compare people to hyenas.
Holden is making fun of Ackley and his fantasies about sexual relations. I doubt its really that old.
He seems like a very intelligent kid.
One can infer holden is being a sterotype.
One can infer that allie died on a rainy day.
Why the garage and why did he break all those windows?
One can infer that he has given up on life.
This mitt symbolizes death.
Wow, holden doesn’t have to be so mean.
I wonder what these depections represent for each chapter.
Sounds like me in my life.
What does unscrupulous mean?
He doesn’t have to make fun of the bed now.
Stradlater has no idea what it means.
Stradlater is ungrateful.
One can infer holden hates stradlater.
Why does he hate him so much?
Why is new York mentioned?
Simile to compare himself to a madman.
Sat in the car, yeah right.
One can infer holden hates athletes.
Stradlater is trying to get holden mad.
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