Cat Dissection

Topics: Cat, Felidae, Muscle Pages: 2 (737 words) Published: April 4, 2013

The Cat Dissection lab consisted of various procedures ranging from skinning the cat to performing the likes of a brain surgeon in cutting it's brain out, but there were three major questions focused on when conducting the entire process. They included muscular differences between humans and cats, teeth and dental structure within the cat's mouth compared to a humans, and the third being the differences between a human's fingernails and the claws of a cat. These three questions provided the goal for the dissection of the feline. The interesting thing about felines such as this specimen Felis Catus is that even though it is a four pawed animal it also retains many of the various features humans have.

The muscular structure of our specimen of Felis Catus is surprisingly similar to humans. Cats unlike humans mainly have a diet composed of meat. With this in mind throughout the evolutionary process at some point in time the feline had to hunt down its own prey. Doing so required powerful back hind legs to allow for sprinting and strong muscles for high and quick jumps. Unlike humans which tend to be omnivores which allows humans to rely on other sources of food for sustenance. Fruit tends to stay put on the tree, vine, or bush which results in humans lacking as much natural muscle to their hind and for limbs. Though some may argue that humans can gradually build up their muscle mass the counter argument remains that for the size Felis Catus's muscular capabilities ratio to weight far outweigh a human. Cats also being a quadruped it gives them a muscular advantage in having more limbs to grip and extend. These several evolutionarily natural traits lead cats to being faster and more limber as far as running and catching things go, but as for humans the lack of the need to chase after and to manually kill things with our bare hands have made us weaker in a sense.

Biting and chewing seem to be very simple concepts for humans, but for...
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