Casual Analysis

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Robert Bruce Jackson
September 23, 2013
English 101
Casual Analysis - Essay 2

According to the American Medical Association, obesity is an epidemic. There is such a concern that the First Lady has created an initiative to have children become more active. The First Lady also has asked entertainment companies and food makers to be more careful with how they advertise to children. She also voiced concerns that salty foods and excessively sweet drinks are causing serious health issues to our youths. Some people agree with the First Lady and in some school districts; there is a ban on sodas and drinks with excessive sugars. Fast food restaurants agreed to include healthier choices in their kid meals. According to researchers, “children spend a substantial portion of their lives watching television. Investigators have hypothesized that television viewing causes obesity by one or more mechanisms: 1 Displacement of physical activity, 2 increased calorie consumption while watching television or caused by the effects of advertising, and 3 reduced resting metabolism” (Pediatric Clinic of NA). This should sound the alarm of concern because if the child is indoors, he is not burning off those calories. There have been attempts by television supporters to create activities while using the television. Please notice that I said using and not viewing. Game consoles like Nintendo WII force people to participate in the game and thus according to them helps people become more active. The intent is for families to get some exercise by participating. Getting serious about this problem means that we have to turn off the television and trade the video games and television for any outdoor activity. Instead of buying your child a bicycle in December, when there is a threat of snow and icy rain, buy it during Easter when the weather is more pleasant. This is a way your child can enjoy more time with the bike and less time indoors. Another suggestion would be to have your child involved in youth sports. This is something that can occur year round. The point is the more active the child is the less likely the child will become obese. This should also work for you as well. I am not suggesting that you play sports in your child’s league but get involved and stay off the sidelines. You will be a great example to your child by participating in the warm up exercises with them. The next way to tackle this problem would be to improve your diet. There are many great foods but many of them are not great for you. You will need to substitute some unhealthy foods for some healthier foods. For example, drink water with a squeeze of lemon, or a splash of pineapple instead of a soft drink. Try to eat more vegetables that are not over-cooked or better yet, not cooked at all. Avoid salad dressings as most of them are simply too fatty for you or your children. You should start to read more about the truth about processed foods. The amounts of salt and or sugar in them are simply unhealthy. You may also want to consider not eating out as often. The reason the gravy is so good, is that it is not so good for you. By eating at home, you save the expense of having the meal outside, but more importantly, you can control the salt, the sugar and therefore eat much healthier. Another suggestion is the have fun with what you are cooking; try to make the colors of your dishes coordinate. Sometimes, the reason why something is left is that the color was wrong. Yellow squash may be tasty, but green zucchini tastes better. Lastly try to eat more fish instead of chicken. According to the American Diabetes Association, “choose lean meat cuts of beef and pork that end in loin, such as pork loin and sirloin.” Another idea would be to eat fish three times a week. Salmon is a great source of protein. There are steroids and additives in chicken that we simply should avoid. A healthy balanced diet is not just foods to eat, but eating the...

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