Castaway: Auburn Hair and Little Girl

Topics: Auburn hair, Eye color, Jandek Pages: 6 (2593 words) Published: May 24, 2013
Just the thought of us never getting off this island, circled through my head. Barely any food or water is left, the shelter we made from palm tree leaves is destroyed, and nine other people I don't know are stranded on this deserted island. All of this did not start off the way it did; in fact I would be laying on the beach in the Bahamas right now. But, all because of that storm we are here. Thinking back to the night like it was yesterday. My family and I are middle class living in a nice home. I work as a software engineer at Google and love my job. Before the trip I had to go to the doctors and get a check up, then get my hair cut. When I arrived it did not take too long until I was called into the room. I was told to step onto the scale and the nurse told me I was 175 pounds which is good for my age since I’m only 35 and in good physical condition. Then, she measured my height, I was still 5 10” from last time and I had to take off my glasses to get my eyes checked. After the doctors I got my brown hair trimmed up. Another colleague of mine and I won an expensive trip from work, even though we don’t know that much about each other. He's tall; about 6 3”, skinny, and had short blondish hair with a tint of red, and freckles on his face. He is a web designer for Google since he was very into computers and imaginative. The colleague of mine was wearing a Hawaiian shirt and a pair of khaki shorts. We arrived at the ship on Saturday morning. Thirty other people and the two of us shifted our way onto the Saintmista. The Bahamas was where the ship was set sail. The boat was very nice and full of wealthy families; not something I was use to. That night, we got settled in our room and fell asleep fast.

I woke up the next morning and went to breakfast. I saw a man sitting at a table with a brief case, I figured he was a business man traveling on business since he was wearing a black suit with a striped and matching hanker shift. His hair was slicked back with gel in it; he was a handsome muscular man. I then noticed he was on the phone and couldn’t help but listen in. “Honey, I know tomorrows Kelly’s recital, but the cooperation needs this deal, and think about all the money!” The business man sat there and listened, when another phone rang and said “I have to go, Bob is calling and it is probably important I will talk to you later love you” and hung up. He is very selfish that money meant more than his family and put it work before them. After my colleague and I were done eating we left and walked around the ship. Throughout the day it was beautiful; not a single cloud in the sky. Later on that night after dinner we were walking back to our room when we passed a woman wearing a wealthy dress and heels of the latest fashion sense. Pearls were around her neck and other expensive jewelry. She was not beautiful, but men realized it when caught by her charm. Her auburn hair was up in an up do so you could see her pale green eyes and long black eyelashes. She must be a housewife since she seemed like her husband must be the only one who worked. When we got back to the room, my colleague and I were sitting in the room having a conversation and started to hear loud noises going on. So we went up to see all the commotion. Winds blowing out of control, and there were a few other people standing there looking out to the sea. A rain drop splashed on my head. Then, more as wind got stronger. I looked out to the distance and saw a huge wave. The next thing I knew, there was a big wave that hit the deck as all of us went off board. We were screaming for help, but no one could hear us. While treading water trying to stay afloat a woman jumped in and told us to help pull the water draft so it blows up. We all made our way on the float, but by the time we got on the ship was gone. With no hope we all laid there confused, shivering, and terrified. The rain finally stopped after awhile, and we all ended up passing out....
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