Case B

Topics: Decision making, Problem, Transaction processing Pages: 2 (533 words) Published: October 11, 2014
Caso B: …Alvalade XXI…

70651 – Rute Lemos

1. Análise conceptual / Conceptual analysis

The concepts marked by red are concepts from the book.

2. O problema / The problem
In terms of organizational problems, Casa XXI needed to improve its organizational performance and change its business model by reducing the need for controlling cash registers and bartenders, and the use of cash affected the time it took to execute payment transactions. They also wanted to have more sales at peak times and increase the productivity of their bar personnel.

In terms of technological problems, Casa XXI wanted to standardize the payment system of the Alvalade Stadium and automate parts of the business processes by using information technology to track the flow of daily routine transactions, like selling food and drinks through the entire stadium.

In terms of management problems, the firm needed to improve its image to the public in terms of innovation and modernity as a strategic decision.


Caso B: …Alvalade XXI…

3. A solução / The soluction
The technologic solution was to implement a system serving operational management. To do so, they subcontracted to Meag which used a software standard application provided by Wintouch. They implemented a transaction processing system (TPS), which was based on pre-paid cards called card XXI conceived by Casa XXI, which the clients used to pay for the products, and a decentralized system that kept track of the real value of the cards. It used networking technology, like IBM fiber-optic network to communicate between the point-of-sale terminals and the card database. The CEO of the company was expecting that the programmers teams and their chief information office and other members of Meag to resolve this problem and improve the turnaround time for the end users.

4. Os resultados / The results
In terms of organizational results, the cards arrived late at the stadium and were not activated before-hand. That resulted in...
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