Case Study-Twitter

Topics: Twitter, Social network service, Surveillance Pages: 3 (968 words) Published: February 6, 2012
Case Study: Privacy Issues And Monetizing Twitter

Name: Sabrina Parmar
Class: MSYS 200-CU04
Instructor: Keltie Gower
Date: January 30th 2011

Twitter was first established in 2006, and five years later, is now one of the largest micro-blogging social network services of our generation. It’s concept is quiet simple, it allows it’s users to share 140 characters messages to update their friends or “followers” on where they are and what there doing. While Twitter allows people to share these messages among friends and followers, the privacy settings on Twitter are defaulted as public, and anyone who signs up for an account can see them. In addition to that, all “public tweets” are posted to the users “profile” which showcases the most recent twenty tweets. User profiles on Twitter are much simpler and shorter compared to that of Facebook, so most personal information about a person is communicated through their Twitter messages or tweets. Another way Twitter differs from other social networking services, is that it’s cross- platformed, and users can submit tweets or messages from the Internet, instant messenger or by text message. People who are using Twitter are not only sharing information about themselves, they are also sharing information publicly that can be found elsewhere on the internet, such as news, music, videos or personal blogs.

With the rise of the social media trend, one of the biggest concerns individuals have is with the issue of privacy and surveillance of their information. Privacy is the ability to control what information about oneself is...
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