Case Study of Miller's Problem

Topics: Organizational studies and human resource management, Wage, Problem solving Pages: 3 (783 words) Published: March 22, 2011
Section I.


In this case study, “Miller’s Problem”, Miller enjoyed his job as a proficient pocket setter on the production line for 27 years. Unfortunately, Miller felt frustrated with his new job when his company wanted to improve productivity and was going to quit his job. This case study aims to look at issues with a solution to improve productivity in Miller’s company and tries to develop recommendations to solve the problems from an individual, supervisor, and organization standpoints.

Section II.

Individual Problems

In this case, Miller’s problem was his job satisfaction, including two categories hygiene and motivation. Miller was satisfied with his old position because he was proficient in operating two machines at the same time. He has worked 27 years for this firm and expected ten more years work before he retired. However, Miller became dissatisfied with the change in his job. First of all, Miller held a prejudice to a new consultant who brought a “nonsense” reform to the company and “knew nothing”. Secondly, Miller lacked motivation after the change of enriched work included operating machines, checking qualities, getting supplies, and delivering tasks. Miller felt he was underpaid, because he did more tasks without any raise in payment or fringe benefits. Eventually, Miller thought he should quit his present job because of the “improvement of productivity”.

Department Level Problems

In this case, the problem in the department level increased due to lack of communication with their employees. The supervisor was considering an enriched job design to improve the productivity. Notwithstanding, he did not tell his subordinates about this decision making before it came out, and he also did not help his subordinates understand the purpose and process of this change. In addition, this reformation was not favored by most of his subordinates. On the contrary, this sudden change of job enrichment had left...
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