Case Study of Electronic Communications Limited, China

Topics: Culture, China, Culture of China, Management, Face / Pages: 124 (4308 words) / Published: Nov 3rd, 2014
Your analysis of the ECL in China case paper should identify, analyze, and recommend solutions for 3 of the following “problems”: communication and listening skills communication planning at the team level teams and teambuilding
Relevant cultural issues involved with each "problem" must be included in your analysis, but should not be the entire content of your analysis. Paper: Submitted paper is to be composed of the following sections: Cover Page
Table of Contents
Executive Summary (≤1 page in length)
Body of Report:
Problem Identification (no more than one-half page in length) Situation Analysis (3-4 pages total length; use subheading for each problem followed by the analysis of that problem) Problem 1
Problem 2
Problem 3
Recommendations (develop as a Powerpoint slide show* that you would be making to senior management following your analysis of their organizational “problems”; provide your concise presentation of recommendations to resolve all 3 problems using a maximum of 6 slides), for example: Slide 1 = identify the 3 problems and summarize how you analyzed them Slides 2-4 = use one slide per problem for your recommendations Slide 5 = summary
References (References used in all sections, including the slides) Executive summary
The paper discusses the various challenges faced by ECL in order to take a decision if they should alter their management policies as per the Chinese culture, or implement ECL’s global management policies in China. Method of analysis includes the various facts mentioned in the case study and mapping them to the concepts gained in the semester. Various research papers, journals and articles have also been taken as reference. Results of the fact analyzed showed that there are major cultural differences between the Chinese and Western culture that has raised these issues. The difference in working and communication styles is causing a lot of the challenges that ECL senior management is facing. A cooperative and

References: Boonthanapibul, C (2010). Doing Business in China: Cultural Factors, Start-up Concerns, and Professional Development. Retrieved from /executive_journal/july_sep_10/pdf/aw26.pdf Eggerstedt, M.D.L (n.d.). Can business be affected by cultural differences? Retrieved from‎ Gallo, F.T (2008). Business Leadership In China: How to Blend Best Western Practices with Chinese Wisdom. Yuan, W (2009). Effectiveness of Communication between American and Chinese Employees in Multinational Organizations in China. Retrieved from content/2009v18n1/13%20Wenli%20Yuan.pdf

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