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Case Study : Generation Snap

By waynelu Jun 05, 2013 505 Words
Case Study : Generation snap

1. What (if any) are the generational differences regarding continuance commitment?

Continuance commitment means that the perceived economic value of remaining with an organization compared with leaving it. The generational differences regarding continuance commitment may include as follows. Firstly, the Generation Y are better connected socially, are impatient for career success and have a higher tendency for job, which can be known from the case. The Generation Y may focus more on the challenges and the future they can have to satisfy themselves, as a result, it may be a tough job to keep continuance commitment of holding the position for a long period. On the other hand, other generations under the impact of the former culture and rules, some kind of ideas are rooted in their minds. Those people might consider the continuance commitment as loyalty to the company or the one who provided the job to them. The subconscious will tell other generations to persist in helping the company survive when being involved in trouble. In contrary, the Generation Y think more about the factors or benefits related to their own convenience instead of ting the organization together.

2. Identify at least two strategies for improving the levels of job satisfaction for generation Y employees.

Job satisfaction means a positive feeling about one’s job, resulting from an evaluation of its characteristics. A person with a high level of job satisfaction holds positive feelings about his or her job, while a person with a low level holds negative feelings. One strategy, can be used to improve the levels of job satisfaction for Generation Y employees, is to offer chances. They have opportunities to get trainings, to practice, to show the talent they own. During the work, Generation Y employees will get independence, confidence and experience by themselves, eventually the promotion. The process enables them to treasure the position and enhance the levels of job satisfaction. The other method is to create a comfortable work environment. There is a strong correspondence between how well people enjoy the social environment of their workplace and how satisfied they are overall. Free and positive interact with all the hierarchies make employees feel at ease, which leads to effective work and more communication.

3. Consider this statement:‘You can’t teach an old dog new tricks.’Does the statement have any relevance for baby boomer workers? Why?

The statement :‘You can’t teach an old dog new tricks.’refers to the meaning that it is difficult for those rigid people to accept innovation. Baby boomer workers are people who were born during a baby boom, especially during the years after the end of the Second World War. Characteristics they contained are having a clear head of the necessary conditions of American economic and entire society, understanding the tendency of the development. People like them have already established reputation. Both the outlook on life and the value are reinforced and can hardly be changed anymore. In conclusion, this statement is associated with baby boomer workers. Luyanchen


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