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Topics: Period 5 element Pages: 2 (383 words) Published: February 18, 2013
Corporate Governance & Corporate Social Responsibility
Group Assignments

Assignment 1
You have been retained by the chairman/chief executive of a company, which is about to be floated on the stock market through an IPO. He is opposed to the advice he has received from his financial advisers that the roles of the chairman and chief executive should be separated. Prepare a report/presentation to him. Group 1

Group 2
Group 12

Assignment 2
Choose any one listed group of companies operating in India. Research its website to study its business, organization structures and corporate governance arrangements as well as financial information. Try and meet or talk to senior executives in the company as well. Ensure that your presentation covers the following: 1. Where are the companies in the group incorporated? Where are their shares listed? 2. Are these cases of networks, pyramids or chained structures? 3. What is your opinion on the quality of disclosure on the group structure and corporate governance arrangements? Group 3

Group 4
Group 15

Assignment 3
In Chapter 8, a distinction was drawn between the American rule based model and the United Kingdom/Commonwealth principles based model of corporate governance. Which, if either, is likely to prevail in the long term? Explain and justify your opinion. Group 5

Group 6
Group 14

Assignment 4
Prepare a presentation in response to a director who has told you that assessing the performance of individual directors is unnecessary and unrealistic because directors bring different skills, experience and knowledge to the board table. Group 7

Group 11
Group 13

Assignment 5
Choose any organization.
a) Identify areas of possible risks (as in tables 14.1, 14.2 and 14.3). consider strategic, managerial and operational levels. b) In each situation make a recommendation to management o what their risk response should be Group 8

Group 9
Group 10

Presentations will be held on 6th January...
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