Career Satisfaction

Topics: Personality psychology, Work, United States Navy Pages: 2 (599 words) Published: May 27, 2014
Human beings possess the unique psychological ability to self-reflect. Few human experiences and behaviors define the self and allow us to characterize ourselves within the social world more than work and career. Career choice affects socioeconomic status, friends, political values, residence location, childcare, job stress, and many other aspects of life. And while income is important in both career selection and career longevity, so are achievement, recognition, satisfaction, security, and challenge. A person has a choice in calling work a job or a career. This decision usually accounts for factors such as time and interest the person puts into the work. In most cases, the work will be considered a job when the person has just begun working, or the person has no interest in the work and only works for the pay. Generally, the term career will be used when a person expresses interest and seeks out a specific type of work, or has spent a considerable amount of time working in that area. A job may be just something a person does to pay bills, where as a career is something a person chooses, prepares for, and incorporates into life and self-concept. I work as a mechanical engineer in the United States Navy. I showed interest in this line of work, sought it out, and have been working in the same area for thirteen years. By definition, my work is a career; therefore, I have been calling it as such. I plan to continue working in my career choice, advancing within the Navy’s ranks and ultimately retiring. After the Navy, I intend to start another career in the civilian sector. I haven’t chosen whether I will continue in the engineering field or pursue something completely different. A lot can change in the years to come before retiring from the Navy, so I am keeping my options open by bettering my résumé every chance I get. I chose this career for three reasons: service, stability, and structure. When I joined the Navy, I wanted to serve my country. I...
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