Career Research

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John Rambert II
April 10, 2013
University 101
Career Research

An Athletic director is an administrator at Schools across America. They oversee all the athletic programs. I decide on researching athletic director because I’m obsesses with sports. It came to mind when I was watching espn on day, and Rutgers athletic director was fired. He didn’t inspire me but I love sports in like organizing events for them. Most directors have a degree in education.

Athletic director responsibilities are to work with other school administrators to assure student athletes are academically eligible for a given sport. They also determine scheduling of games and practices. A key responsibility for a director is the hiring of coaches. Working conditions is an office by the athletic department.

The preferred skills or qualities to be an athletic director are organizing skills, oral and written communication skills, organizing skills and skills in staffing and hiring. To be athletic directors you will have complete a bachelor’s degree in physical education, education, before completing a master’s degree sports management. I want to graduate from a sports management school so I can pursue jobs at the college and professional level.

High school level an athletic director will make about $50,000 a year but earnings of $80,000 are possible. That’s good if you just finished school. Athletic director in college move into positions with a league or conference. Salary for an athletic director in a college level is just over $100,000 a year.

Being an athletic director is more appealing to me because sports are all I know. I enjoy every sport and that’s why I think being an athletic director is best for me. I think I will like the fact that I will be over every sports program. I can put my twist on each program. The hardest part will be when I have to fire a coach or an employee. My skills aren’t complement just yet. I’m going to school for sports administration now so in the...
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