Cardiovascular System

Topics: Heart, Blood, Blood vessel Pages: 2 (474 words) Published: April 14, 2013
1. Why do we need a cardiovascular system?
Because we need to get oxygen through our system.
2. Make sure you know which circuits the left and right heart pump into (pulmonary or systemic). Also know the status of blood (fully oxygenated or not) at -the aorta: Left,systematic, and fully oxygenated.

-a pulmonary vein: Left side, pulmonary, and fully oxygenated. Goes from the right side of the body(heart) into the (left) pulmonary veins then goes to the left atrium then to the left ventricle then through the aorta, then to the rest of the body. -a systemic vein:

-the vein end of a capillary bed in your big toe:
-the artery end of a capillary bed in your big toe -the right atrium: -the left atrium:
3. What are coronoary arteries and why do we need them?

4. Review the hepatic portal system (what is it, and why is it good that we have one). Materials that are absorbed in small intestines are transported directly to the liver and goes through a detox before it enters general circulation 5. Which of the major factors contributing to resistance to blood flow is actually “changeable” in the body? Which direction of change increases resistance, and which direction of change decreases resistance? 6. Although ____Length_____ and _____Viscosity______ also contribute to resistance to blood flow (fill in the blanks), we often don’t really consider them. Why not?(Radius is also considered) Because length and viscosity often remain constant. 7. Which vessels have the highest pressure? The lowest?

Highest: Aorta
Lowest: Venae Cavae
8. Why is it important that the heart has valves? Where in the heart are valves located? Valves are found in veins and they are important because they prevent backflow and pump blood back to the heart. 9. What are the physical/structural features of cardiac muscle? Are these similar or different to skeletal muscle? To smooth muscle (both multi-unit and single-unit variations)? 10. What are the two types of cells in cardiac muscle? What is...
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