Car Production

Topics: Automobile, United States, Internal combustion engine Pages: 2 (795 words) Published: April 7, 2013
Lane A. Spelman
Dr. Kinnison
Junior English
14 January 2013
Which will be the last standing vehicle?
Domestic Vs. Import
Challenging every car company in the world, fuel economy, quality, and of course cost. How would the world be with out vehicles of various forms as a form of transportation? A question we all may have to soon figure out with out cars the world wouldn't have as much pollution sure but how are we gonna get some where safely, reliably, and quickly. Basically in the United States of America there are two types of cars, imports and domestics imports meaning being shipped or flown from other countries to the United States, domestic meaning being built here in the states. In the world seventy four percent of vehicles are cars and SUVs twenty six percent are commercial and light trucks. Of these only fifteen percent are produced in the United States eighty four percent are produced in other countries such as Japan, China, Germany, and Italy ( The EPA (environmental protection agency) has strict regulations against what vehicles are imports and which are domestics they say how much emissions are let out of a car how much the vehicles weighs in order to be under a certain s classification ( Emissions are the fumes let out by cars these fumes have supposably helped lead to the destruction of the earths ozone layer emissions include carbon dioxide, nitrogen gas, and water vapor ( Sports cars are undoubtedly the most recognized automobiles on the planet. Nothing can compare to the sights and sounds of a sports car as it passes by you on the expressway with its quick burst of speed. Imports, or foreign sports cars, are becoming increasingly popular in today’s automobile market. With the number of American consumers driving Hondas, Nissans, BMWs, and Mercedes, the reputation of imports is becoming more and more encouraging. Because of the widespread belief in the dependability of foreign sports cars,...
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