Capital Punishment

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Capital Punishment, Right or Wrong?
Daniel Dunham
St. Petersburg College

Author Note
This paper was prepared for SLS 1101 The College Experience, taught
by Professor Gallagher.


Personal views on Capital Punishment

The act of a human being murdered by one or more of

their own species is surely deemed inappropriate and unacceptable in

most all the nations around the globe today. If such people

choose to perform these crimes then they should indeed be punished for

their wrongdoing. “An eye for an eye”, if a person takes another persons

life away, then that person should die as well. There is no excuse for

this type of violent behavior and all the murderers and rapists that exist

need be held accountable for their actions. Capital punishment is a

justifiable punishment for the people who choose to perform incredibly

violent crimes.

What is Capital Punishment?

Capital punishment is defined as “the lawful infliction of

death as a punishment”(; also known as the death penalty.

The judicial term for capital punishment is interpreted as a death sentence

while the actual act of killing is referred to as an execution. Most of the

nations that support the death penalty reserve it for murder, espionage,

treason, or military justice. Capital punishment is currently enforced in

the U.S through lethal injection although it has been administered by gas

chambers and electric chair in the past.


Capital Punishment: World Wide

Iran, Afghanistan, Yemen and the U.S hold the

record for most executions and it is enforced thousands of

times a year with “China holding the record averaging 2000 executions a

year and the U.S with 43 executions in the year of 2012” (

In the 1800s, China enforced capital punishment through cruel and

unusual acts such as beheading and stoning, these ways of torture were

abolished in 1905. In Afghanistan, capital punishment is legal

for drug trafficking. Capital punishment has been abolished in all

European countries while only existing in 33 states of

the U.S, including Florida.

Capital Punishment in the U.S.

Capital punishment is a highly debated and controversial topic in

the U.S. Our government frequently changes the law because of

certain humane treatment amendments and rights such as The Right to

Humane Treatment Act. For example, “older execution styles such as the

gas chamber and electric chair are considered cruel because they

are regarded as torturous and painful” (, so, they

have been abolished from the U.S. justice system. Also, there are statutes

in the U.S constitution that support people under the age of 18 who

cannot receive capital punishment, such as the UN Convention on the

Rights of the Child. For example, in 1995 a 14 year old in South Carolina


Capital Punishment in the U.S. (cont.)

murdered his mother with a knife because she grounded him for

performing poorly in school. The boy was charged with murder but

wasn't sentenced to capital punishment because of his age. As you can

see, there are limitations and loopholes around the capital punishment

law because of its nature, controversial background and stipulations.

Capital Punishment is Justifiably Right!

Aside from relatively loose speculation and controversy of capital

punishment, I believe that capital punishment is a justifiably law.

It “curbs the crime rate by scaring the average person to never even

consider serious acts of violence”( Engaging

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