Topics: Overpopulation, Famine, Poverty Pages: 2 (503 words) Published: February 27, 2013
Cannibalism works
Chichijima, February 1945, World War II was at hand. There was a well-documented case of cannibalism due to the lack of food during the war. Thirty Japanese soldiers were accused of killing and eating five American airmen. Two years later, they were prosecuted. Five men were convicted and later that month, hanged. But 55 years later cannibalism looks like an excellent way of ridding the world of multiple problems. Cannibalism should therefore be legislated. First and foremost, this world is greatly overpopulated. There are far too many people on this earth. By eating people the number of human beings on this earth will steadily decline. This will create opportunities for all. The schools will be accessible, public transport services will be available and poor people living around the Nile, for example, will be able to get more water, food and good use of the ground surrounding them, as there are fewer people to share it with. Secondly, a lot of current issues in politics will be solved by legislating cannibalism. These are issues such as unemployment and the environmental problem. There is a great level of unemployment right now. People all over the world suffer because there simply are not enough jobs available. By legislating cannibalism, and therefore the declining number of people in the world, the number of people who are unemployed will drop. The number of people in this world will decrease by cannibalism, therefore there will be less emission of CO₂, less people will be able to drop things on the ground like that and there will be less garbage. All these factors play a very important part in the process of global warming. By legislating cannibalism we will be one step closer to saving the planet that has been so good to every living soul for millions of years.

And thirdly there are a lot of people who are starving, and this group of people is growing every day. By legislating cannibalism, the problem of starvation will also be solved....
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