Topics: Prohibition in the United States, F. Scott Fitzgerald, The Great Gatsby Pages: 2 (590 words) Published: April 9, 2013
English final essay
* Introduction
* WWII was one of the most brutal battlest in history. * These authors came back from the war expecting atleast some sympathy as well as many job opportunites but when they came back they found that everyone was dominated by making money and they could care less about these soldiers * This cold reality is evident in the short stories of Hemingway and Fitzgerald’s “The Great Gatsby” which incorporates the themes of wealth, the faint memory of God and atheism, and prohibition. * Body Paragraph 1 (wealth)

* Tom is a character in the “Great Gatsby” that is extremely wealthy and comes from old money but is a very intimidating character and he constantly has to mock others. Fitzgrald used Tom show that money cannot hide who one really is. * “The Shows of Kilomengaro” by Hemingway shows that money cannot buy happiness because the protagonist married his wife because of her money thus he relys on her money but he is still miserable. * Bod Paragraph 2 ( the faint memory of God)

* The billboard of Doctor T.J. Eckleburg has his eyes looking over the people of the valley of ashes. The people forget that the billboard is there since they are constantly working but he is still there watching, in the same way that people have forgotten of God and no longer believe in God making them atheists because they have filled their lives with work instead of focusing on what is actually important which is God. * In “The Shows of Kilomengaro”, the wife of the protagonist says “what have we done to have that happen to us,” accusing God of all his sufferings instead of having faith in God. * The quote also shows death indirectly mocking him because death promises no redemption * Body Paragraph 3 (Prohibition)

* In “The Great Gatsby”, Gatsby has a party and Fitzgerald mentions everyone invited and includes the senator. The fact that the senator is invited to Gatsby’s part is significant...
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