Canada's Water Situation

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Water Essay
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Canada must confirm it has a healthy supply of water for centuries to come while allowing Canadians the ability to access the amount they need. All of this must be confirmed prior to any talks regarding the sale or sharing of water. However, the economic and ethical impact of allowing other areas to “dry up” would affect Canada dramatically. Therefore, areas such as the southwestern United States, where crops are being grown in unorthodox areas must pay more for water. This is due to this relationship being unsustainable and will also allow Canada’s farming industry to grow, with a sustainable amount of water. Economic prosperity would help improve its charitable efforts abroad supplying water and care for developing nations. Canada could use its water to boycott nations where human rights are ignored, in order to put pressure for reformation in the area.

Before any talks begin regarding the sale or sharing of Canada’s water takes place, Canada must take care of the water shortage going on within its borders first. According to Environment Canada, 11% of all water use in Canada is for municipalities, more than half of which is dedicated to residential areas. 74% of this is surface water while 26% is subsurface (Environ. Canada). Also according to Environment Canada, from 1994-2004, over 26% of municipalities reported supply problems. Groundwater sources have encountered more shortages and due to them being usually closed systems, areas have had to rely on deeper water sources, which typically contain harmful heavy metals (Macdonald, 2009). Canada’s surface water, an abundant supply, also faces serious problems. Lakes in Manitoba, Saskatchewan and Alberta have been retreating as early as the 20th century (Mittelstaedt, 2006). The same source predicts a likely mid-century return to the 1930’s-era “dust bowl” conditions. Along with supply shortages of water, Canada also has the problem of allowing every Canadian access to its water....
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