Can a Person Have Both Compassion and Innocence?

Topics: The Damage, Eugenia Collier, Marigolds Pages: 2 (558 words) Published: December 4, 2012
Timur Kuskunovic
Mrs. Hatidza Sadinlija

Can a person have both compassion and innocence?

In the story Marigolds, written by Eugenia Collier, a black girl from a poor neighborhood called Lisabeth lived in a poor environment. One day she saw her father crying, which never happened before. In cause of her anger she went outside and vandalized some old women beautiful garden. By Lisabeth’s description, Ms. Lottie, whose garden was destroyed was over hundred years old and had brownish skin and Indian face. When Lisabeth committed the crime (when she vandalized Ms.Lottie’s garden) she felt like she killed a person. On the end when the author says, “This is the beginning of compassion, and one cannot have both compassion and innocence” (Collier 84). Now Lisabeth realized that she is starting to go from childhood to womanhood. “But if you disturbed him, if you intruded upon his fantasies, he would become enraged, strike out at you and curse at you in some strange enchanted language which only he could understand” (Collier 78) in the quote it is talking about Ms. Lotties son named John Burke. This quote shows how children had their innocence, but they were just out of control, while they did not have any compassion for Ms. Lottie, and her feelings. Because they just had some fun, while they did not do any damage or hurt Ms. Lottie. Until Lisabeth did the damage, and vandalized Ms. Lottie’s garden for no reason she had her innocence, but no compassion. When Lisabeth got into Ms. Lottie’s garden and started destroying and vanishing Ms. Lottie’s beautiful garden bed, she (Ms. Lottie) was just behind her looking straight at her. Then when she realized that the old lady was watching her when she said: “I scrambled to my feet and just stood there and stared at her, and that was the moment when childhood faded and womanhood began” (Collier 84) This quote shows us the precise moment when Lisabeth grew out of her innocence and started to feel...
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