Can Prejudice Ever Be Eliminated?

Topics: Discrimination, Marriage, Homosexuality Pages: 3 (1082 words) Published: May 3, 2012
Can prejudice ever be eliminated?
Prejudice: Discrimination, stereotype against other groups of people/individuals; mindset Racial, Homophobia, Gender, Religious

Ever: Absolute term

Eliminated: Removed completely

The idea of prejudice has been present for several decades now, and is so deeply rooted in our society today. They can be defined as a set of negative and irrational feelings, beliefs, and actions that are directed towards those of a different race, culture and religion. In the States, the African-American race has long been under prejudice by the Whites in the community. The Holocaust during World War II is also a portrayal of extreme prejudice against the Jews. According to Psychologist Gordon Allport, prejudice emerges in part as a result of normal human thinking, in other words, it is in human nature. Despite efforts and measures taken to reduce and minimise the extent of prejudice today, as long as humans have a conscious thought, they will always be prejudice in one way or another, and prejudice can and will never be eradicated.

Through all the movements toward equal rights, there are still groups of people who are faced with prejudice and unfair treatment, one of which is LGBT (lesbian, gay, bi-sexual, transgender) community. LGBTs have been faced with many challenges regarding their fair rights and acceptance in society. One key issue that has become more apparent recently is the allowance of homosexual marriage. Our world has become more accepting, but still lacks in complete recognition of homosexuals. There are still many out there who do not recognize them as a part of society and it has affected more than just their community. Children who have parents that are homosexual are also affected because they face the prejudice from others who do not understand, which has damaging effects on the child’s development. Many homosexuals look to adoption when they decide to have a family because of their unique situation, and are also...
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