Can Doctors Go on Strike?

Topics: Physician, Strike action, Medicine Pages: 3 (876 words) Published: March 20, 2013

The answer is simply yes since strike is a legitimate action to frown on unfavorable conditions. Strike action is legal and any institution that has legal rights can embark on strike when it deems fit by the abiding conditions. If doctors qualify under this democratic legitimacy, then under which conditions should doctors be on strike?


From our history as Ghanaians, we have seen doctors going on strike for salary increment. These urgencies may be as result of the following: From global perspective, the medical profession is indeed one of the various professions that carry dignity and every doctor has this rooted deep in his or her mind. The cost that involves becoming a medical doctor is less talked about. It really cost. For that matter many doctors don't see it reasonable to leave on a meager salary. Another point might be the gravity of their services to patients. Many doctors do heart transplanting, fix bones, treat cancer, kidney, liver etc. These works are very delicate and any careless attempt will end up paralyzing or resulting in the death of the patient. They are called deep in the night to respond to emergencies and many other emergency engagements. Doctors have also argued that the risky nature of their profession demands a higher salary. Sometimes they are prone to contagious diseases like flu, HIV/AID's, TB, and over 200 more contagious deadly diseases. For that matter a high salary must be given to encourage or motivate them. All these points are reasonable though debatable. But often when we talk of risky professions, medical sector is the least talked about. We talk about areas like the military, veterinary, police, fire service; prisons etc. are all coupled with high risk and are sectors that need great attention.


Even though some international researches have proven that, doctors' strike increases mortality rate,...
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