Calvin Klein Biography

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Madison Shertzer
Fashion History II
Calvin Klein Biography
Calvin Klein
Today we are in the presences of many fabulous designers who have made their name and shown off their class. Calvin Klein has been personably one of my favorite designers. He has started from the bottom of nothing to creating his way to one of todays’ greatest designers.

Calvin Klein was born in Bronx, New York on November 19, 1942. He was the middle child born to Flo and Leo Stern. Calvin did not just ‘become’ a designer, he was born into a family where his grandmother was a seamstress and he obtained his adoration of sewing from her. His mother too encouraged his love for art and fashion. Most of Klein’s progress began even when he was a younger teen, he spent his time sketching designs and sewing while his other friends spent their time participating in sports. After high school Calvin studied his fashion dream at Manhattan’s preeminent Fashion Institute of Technology, he also accompanied his first wife their, Jayne Centre. During his studies at school he also interned for a suit manufacturer on Seventh Avenue where he worked long nights and spent weekends there as well to make his designs flawless. In 1968 Calvin launched his clothing company. All Calvin could have imagined came true and more with the hard work he had put towards the years ahead of him.

Calvin Klein Inc. first started up 1968 with Calvin Klein designing and his long time childhood friend Barry Schwartz dealing with the business half. Calvin started to design and sell women’s coats by the 1970s and increased the labels names with many other popular fashion items. Calvin added a sportswear collection and boosted in popularity by including a complete women’s ready-to-wear collection. Calvin Klein established his name for himself by designing sleek and clean apparel that have been represented through out the years. His collections use neutral tones and earthy colors such...
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