calling home by Jean Brandt.

Topics: Writing, Essay, Emotion, Feeling, Christmas carol, Short story / Pages: 2 (442 words) / Published: Nov 10th, 2013
“Calling Home” by Jean Brandt

The essay “Calling Home”, written by Jean Brandt was about her experience as a child on a supposedly happy day at the mall, which turned sour because she stole a 75-cent snoopy button, followed by the nerve wrecking situations she had to face. I learned that she wrote really well and explained her story in extreme detail. Everything transitioned well with each other and had a very smooth flow to it. It was also very easy to understand what she was facing because she stated her emotions in each event clearly. She wrote until the extent you feel as if you are in her shoes, a thirteen-year-old girl during that time.
With her mood, the essay started off with a ‘cheery’ attitude as she described, “As we all piled into the car, I knew it was going to be a fabulous day” (paragraph 1). We all knew she was going to the mall for last minute Christmas shopping and she mentioned, “on the way to the mall, we sang Christmas carols, chattered, and laughed”(paragraph 1). Her descriptions of happiness made it seem as if the whole story was already expected to be a happy one.
In paragraph 3 is where she was contemplating to get the snoopy button but just decided to steal it by sticking it into her pocket because she did not think it was worth it to be in a 30-minute line just to pay for a 75-cent Snoopy button. As she thought she had gotten away with it, the story is followed by a moment of suspense as she describes walking out of the store, “An unexpected tap on my shoulder startled me” (paragraph 5).
The excitement of the story takes off from there as all the lessons or experience is unraveled. She also faced embarrassment as she described “As the officers led me through the mall, I sensed a hundred pair of eyes staring at me”(paragraph17). She uses descriptive ways of describing what she’s feeling and going through, saying, “Instead, I viewed what was happening to me as if it were a movie. Being searched, although embarrassing, somehow

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