California Drought Essay

Topics: Water, Water crisis, Water supply, Water resources, Drinking water, Water pollution / Pages: 2 (440 words) / Published: Mar 16th, 2017
It is difficult to imagine your daily life without the use of water, the harsh reality is people in California are going through this every day. California in the midst of the most cataclysmic drought it's ever been in, for countless Californian farmers are vexed at the numerous regulations the government is trying to put in place over groundwater. In my opinion, California’s Government should control the use of underground water. “Officials say that at least 1,300 people have lost their water in and around East Porterville”(Source 2). The drought has left countless people without water, a valuable resource that everyone deserves the right to. When it first went dry we used to drive to my daughter’s house in Visalia about 45 minutes away …show more content…
State water managers estimate that water tables in some parts of the Valley have dropped 100 feet below historical lows. As water levels sink, the land can sink, to” (Source 3). Farmers are drilling so much that it is ruining the integrity of California and it is putting an immense amount of stress on the San Andreas Fault line. “Groundwater is like a bank account. You can’t take out more than you put in on an ongoing basis” (Source 3). If you consume water at a faster rate than water can be absorbed back into the soil soon enough you will not be able to pump any water from any of the wells anymore.
“...So ultimately it will have an effect on consumer price. There’s just no getting around that”(Source 1). Many farmers are trying to use the claim that putting regulations on water usage will cause the price of consumer goods such as fruits and vegetables will be outrageously expensive, but when we run out of water it will affect the prices of everything not just fruits and vegetables. Almost everything we use requires some sort of use of water, so when water is in short supply it will affect the price of everything and damage the delicate economy.
California's water dilemma can only be solved one way and that is by the government regulating the use of the underground water to ensure it is used fairly.Without a doubt, California’s Government should supervise the use of underground water through

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