Calamansi Hairwax

Topics: Citrus, Calamondin, Citrofortunella Pages: 3 (1091 words) Published: May 24, 2013
A. Background of the Study
Calamansi (scientific name: Citrus microcarpa) is a fruit tree in the family Rutacae that was developed in and is very popular throughout Southeast Asia, especially the Philippines, where it is most commonly used for cooking. In the west it is variously known as acid oranges, calamondin orange, Chinese orange or Panama orange. In the Philippines it is called kalamansi/calamansi in Tagalog or limonsito in Cebuano. Although sometimes described as a native of the Philippines or other areas of Southeast Asia, the tree is in fact the result of a hybrid between species in the genus citrus and unknown in the world. It is generally held that most species in cultivation are ancient apomictic hybrids and selected cultivars of these hybrids. The researcher used the calamansi as one of its main ingredient in making this project. The Calamondin bears a small citrus fruit that is used to flavour foods and drinks. Despite its outer appearance and its aroma, the taste of the fruit itself is quite sour, although the peel is sweet. Like other citrus fruits the calamansi is high in vitamin C. This research is about the hair wax from calamansi. Hair wax assist with the holding the hair. It is used as hair styling agent. In the study, we commonly used calamansi which is rich in vitamin C to eliminates and promote hair growth. This study employs the importance of this experiment to our economy in the country. B. Statement of the Problem

Considering the too much accumulation of unwanted hair among individuals, especially to modern day male youth, the researcher would most likely want to know the effectiveness of citric acid found on citric fruits as hair wax. More specifically, the researcher intend and aims to answer the following question: 1. What does calamansi contain that will help in our hair? 2. What is the difference of this product to commercial preparation? 3. How beneficial is your project to:

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