Caffeine and Competitive World

Topics: Caffeine, Exercise, Coffee Pages: 1 (268 words) Published: April 5, 2013
Teenagers today live in a very competitive world. It is more important than ever to succeed at school if you hope to have a chance in the job market afterwards. It’s no wonder that many young people worry about letting down their parents, their peers and themselves. In trying to please everyone. they take on too many tasks until it becomes harder and harder to balance homework assignments, parties, sports activities and friends. The result is that young people suffer from stress.

There are different ways of dealing with stress. Everyone knows that caffeine, whether it is in the form of coffee or soft drinks, keeps you awake and alert. But caffeine is a drug which can become addictive. In the end, like other drugs. caffeine only leads to more stress. A better way to deal with stress is to exercise: Research has proved that physical exercise is a good release for stress, because it increases certain chemicals in the brain which calm you down. Making sure you get enough sleep is also an important way of avoiding stress and of staying healthy and full of energy.

Another way to avoid stress is by managing your time effectively. It is better to do a few tasks really well, than lots of tasks badly. Know your limits and try not to take on too much. Finally, If it all gets beyond your control, don't panic or get hysterical. Find the time to sit down quietly and breathe deeply for ten to twenty minutes. Do this regularly, and it will help you calm down and put things into perspective.
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