Cadbury Schweppes Swot Analysis

Topics: Fair trade, Coffee / Pages: 4 (790 words) / Published: Oct 14th, 2008
4 SWOT Analysis of the Café OKE product on the Italian market

4.1 Strenghts:
-High quality: Café Oké is a quality product(« Hand-picked and with attention to detail »)
-Unique: Café Oké is not a « chain scale product » it is unique (« sometimes located at heights of up to 2000 metres against the slopes of, for example, the Andes mountains in South America. »
“Café Oké is not only a new brand of coffee, but also a rather unique one.” “In many parts of the world, coffee is being grown on a much bigger scale than Café Oké coffee””Farmers combine traditions and knowledge handed down from father to son (and also increasingly from father to daughter) with modern agricultural developments.”
-Culture of Café Oké product: (the story of our coffee has everything to do with where it comes from)
-A tasty drink: Café Oké products have a specific taste “Tasting coffee like wine””First smell (nose and aroma) and then taste (tongue and flavour)”” the authentic aroma of their coffee gardens can be optimally retained”” In Zaandam, we blend and roast the beans into seven exceptional flavours ”Some Café Oké products are 100% Arabica beans.
-An ethical product: Café Oké is a Fair Trade product which corresponds to an ethical guideline(Max Havelaar focuses on controlling the social circumstances throughout the small-scale agricultural production sector) (Solidaridad development organization).”We pay the farmers a fair price for the beans. And you pay a fair price for the coffee. “
-A fair trade recognition: Cafe Oké is the successor of the Max Havelaar coffee.
-A labelized product: Max Havelaar quality label is displayed on the packaging.
-A low price product.

4.2 Weaknesses:
-Fair trade organizations: In Italy fair trade organizations are less active than in other European countries.
-Fair trade in general: Fair Trade is still not very popular.
-Label: even if the Max Havelaar label is the best as a fair trade product, fair trade products and of course fair trade

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