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Topics: Optical fiber, OSI model, Fiber-optic communication Pages: 4 (902 words) Published: March 2, 2015
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STP shield Performance
Protects from EMI. Shield must be fully enclosed
Fiber Optic Cable
Not susceptible to outside EMI or crosstalk interference, nor does it generate it . Can exceed 500Gbps
Cable Bandwidth is a function of
Reducing frequency or distance (resistance) increases the maximum bandwidth because SNR improves 37
100 BaseT Ethernet
Operating Frequency
100Base-T4 Ethernet
Existing CAT3 complaint systems could also support fast Ethernet 124
Designed to use high-speed communication protocols that does not depend on any specific LAN topology 130
Sponsors NEC (national electrical Code)
Article 250
Covers Grounding
Something in the "WARNING"
Whether you can leave wire in the system?
Much of this cabling id old CAT1 and CAT3 type cables, some of ir with inadequate flame rating 172
Know what a Patch Panel
looks like

Kevlar scissors
For fiber-optic cables, special scissors are available that cut through aramid with relative ease 185
Punch-Down Tool
the correct tool inserting a conductor in the IDC termination slot 218
Stranded-conductors (True/False)

A stranded-conductor cable is used for patch cords and shorter cabling runs, making them more flexible and giving them lesser attenuation than a solid-conductor cable. 220
maximum Distance for Horizontal run
90 meters
maximum Distance for Patch cord
No longer than 3 meters
Adv of Fiber-Optic Cabling
Immunity to EMI; higher data rate; longer maximum distance; better security 256
Multimode Plastic
Optical fiber is of the lowest quality and are seldom sufficient to transmit light over long distances (50 micron) 281
Fixed design wall plug advantage and disatvantage
Advan: inexpensive and simple to install
Disadvan: configuration cannot be change & usually not compatible with night speed networking systems 286
Wiring Scheme for 568A or B
1.w/g. 2. G, 3. w/or,, 5....
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