Cabling Design

Topics: Multi-mode optical fiber, 10 Gigabit Ethernet, Single-mode optical fiber Pages: 4 (1117 words) Published: April 11, 2013
Cabling Design
IT Solutions has a plan for the cabling and it is based on the specifications in the RFP from the Firm mixed with our own technical knowledge. As stated in the RFP we will only be responsible for specifying the cable plant design and associated equipment. The Firm has stated that they will use their own contractors for installation following the design. We suggest adding 10% more cable to the estimated amount to allow for adjustments adding any unplanned drops and/or changes made, this allows room for flexibility. Cat6 vs Cat5e

* Although Cat5e would work for this infrastructure, IT Solutions recommends using cat6 cable for this new installation. Cat6 is about a 20% more expensive than Cat5e but it is well worth it and this is why. * Cat6 is rated at 200MHz and Cat5e is rated at 100MHz that’s double the performance. * Cat5e will have more crosstalk due to a weaker signal over longer distances to its destination but with Cat6 you will have a lot better resolution and a lot less crosstalk. This is because Cat6 has a higher signal to noise ratio. * Cat6 is a much better choice all around you get better performance, better life, better resolution, and better insulation. We at IT solutions think that Cat6 is definitely the way to go. Single Mode/Multi-mode

* Single Mode is more expensive and is really only needed when traveling distances over 3 miles for anything less than that multi-mode fiber works great. * Multi-mode fiber can be used in the back bone of the network for fast transmission speeds but isn’t needed for this type of network. * We do recommend using Multi-mode fiber for your data stations in Kiev and Shanghai since they are located 437 meters away from the nearest IDF. * Two different grades of fiber OM1 and OM2.

* OM1 provides 100Mb Ethernet up to 550 meters, OM1 is a lower grade than the OM2 but is more than sufficient for what is needed in this network. * OM2 provides 1000Mb Ethernet up to 550...
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