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Whenever I hear the word butterfly, the first word that will come to my mind is the word beautiful. Likewise,I think the best example for beautiful is butterfly. For me, they compromise each other just like how their sounds were alike. If I were to describe a butterfly physically, first thing I would notice aside from how beautiful it was is that it was also small and being small makes them cuter than ever. Another thing is thatthere are tons of different types. Butterfly comes in different colors, different shades, different shapes, different sizes, and different designs on their wings. There are pure black, pure yellow, and pure white in color. Some are dark while others are just light. Mostly, wings are color combination of black or dark ones and then another bright neon color.Butterflies are wonderful creatures. They can’t swim, but they sure are very good at flying. They can fly for long distances and they are also good at eating and giving birth.They used to be a creepy ant, but then they grew out of their “shell” and a beautiful butterfly came out.When I was young, I wondered how the designs or patterns on the butterfly’s wings were made and I don’t get to know how is that so. I was wondering also why butterfly is called a butterfly. Of all the words that can be connected to fly it would be butter. Funny how I wandered about this when I was growing up yet when I was still a child, I don’t mind why and how a butterfly is called like that. What matters to me before is that by just seeing a butterfly makes me feel good, makes me smile so bright, makes me forget how bad my day was, makes me wanna jump of too much excitement and even dance of sheer happiness. It was like a painkiller to me that relieves any kind of negative emotions that I was feeling. It helps me lessen the anger that was building inside of me and also when I’m mad at someone and on something that happens. What is this special kinship we feel for the butterflies? What in our DNA...
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