Business Research Methodology & Quantitative Statistics

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In the study of this week, I have learned a lot on hypothesis testing, measures of association and also how to present the research finding. It is a great experience.

In this paper, I have selected “Research Report Component” in Chapter 20 – Presenting Insights and Findings: Written Reports and “Aristotle's Three Principles of Persuasive Communication” in Chapter 21 – Presenting Insights and Findings: Oral Presentation.

Chapter 20 – Research Report Component
Researchers may be able to conduct research by applying the principles of “responsible conduct of research” and appropriate research methods. Research process and findings need to be transformed into a research report that is readable and also technically acceptable. Otherwise, policy-makers and management may not discern the importance and usefulness of its findings. If one cannot produce a good research report, the whole purpose of the research study will be lost. Therefore, research report writing is one of the important components in the research cycle. In the research report I have received from time to time in my company, it is usually a poorly structured material with certain mathematical means of the certain scores of questions and some charts. I believed it is a common case in most mid-sized company that did not take the research as a serious study.

Targeted Audiences
The targeted audiences of our research reports are top management and the managers who are looking for answer to business question. We do not required technical report but at least a good executive summary to illustrate the major findings, conclusions and recommendation, in meaningful and understandable language.

A Checklist
I would suggested the following checklist to the colleague who handling the related research to improve the quality of the report: •Are you satisfied with the overall output or findings or results of your study? •Have you noted down the additional literature that you...

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