Business Proposal Format

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Business Proposal Format
ABC, Inc.
Chicago, IL
Contact No.
Date: 4th January, 2010

(Receiver's Details)
XYZ Inc.
Kingston, NY
Contact No.

This section will consist of a brief description of your company and the purpose you are writing this business proposal for.

Executive Summary
The executive summary section consists of a detailed explanation of what your company is all about and the field it has an expertise in. You also need to mention the objective of your company in brief, followed by corporate goals.

Main Body
This is the most important section of the business proposal. It contains a comparison of what the client expects and what services you are ready to offer. Jot down all the customer's needs and how your company can meet his expectations. Also mention additional services and benefits your company offers. Give details of who are the well-known clients you have worked with and on which projects. Provide details on if you have received any awards for business deliverables. If required, give details of financial records and profits and losses of your company. This will certainly assure the prospective client about your business' credibility. Note down your company's marketing process and how the project will be promoted and be made known to the public. Mention other essential information that would make your company increase the chances of getting the project.

At last, include a paragraph that will include the assurance of you certainly providing the services according to the client's expectations.

ABC, Inc.

With my experience of working with small businesses, I have developed the following basic guide for developing a simple business plan:

1. Product/service
Describe exactly what will be your line of business. Will you be selling a product or a service? Scribble as much details about your line of business. What are the key features that differentiate your product / service form other market...
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