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Shalin Pandya
Marketing 305
Prof: Raimondo
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The advertising agency is a highly specialized business machine for digesting an

advertiser’s selling problems and producing ideas for increasing his sales, his reputation

and his profits. Its started as a space peddler, buying space in media wholesale and selling

it retail.

The Marketing Department for any advertising agency is vital and important, and being

an advertising agency the marketing department should be strong enough to grow. The

name of my advertising agency is ADVPRO Advertising Agency; the main focus will be

capturing South Asian Market. All the Businesses which are interested to enter into South

Asian Market are our main focus. The three objectives provide a useful starting point for

setting a firm’s objectives. A business should be Engage in specific activities that will

perform a socially and economically useful function. Develop an organization to carry on

the business and implement its strategies. Earn enough profit to survive.

The main aim of my agency is to create goodwill and profit maximization. ADVPRO

Agency provides strategic marketing services that help our clients consistently

Out perform their competitors. Using a holistic approach, we analyze our client’s needs,

current situation, and future goals. We then apply our proven methodology that ensures

our clients reach that next level of business success. Our services are designed to provide

measurable results, such as increased audiences, increased sales, and increased brand

recognition. Solar Velocity’s broad range of top-quality, professional services focuses on

your needs and guides you to the most effective outlets for communicating your


It’s a tough competition and difficult to survive, because in this business where we can

find several advertising agencies in our neighborhood. US is very unstable market, here

we can find a fair competition, but too many competitors for any product and US has a

market where a new product is new only for 6 months. It’s difficult to survive in such

market, establishment of a business is an easy process, but to sustain for a longer period

is much complicated than what it seems. For an advertising agency the source of income

is services provided to the clients, an agency can charge them with a commission for

which they provide their service with certain percentages.

An important question for any firm or CEO would be what made me establish this firm in

U.S or in particular state. The same question applies to me. The total Indian Population in

U.S is 2.5 million. Indian Population grew 40% from 2000-2007, which is highest for any

community. People are attracted to United States and the reason is better opportunity than

their home country. And what we focus on is to target 2.5 million populations, and

majority of Indian Population residing in a New Jersey, New York, Texas, and

California, so primary focus is to capture this population. So for capturing this all

targeted population we set up our head office in New York and the reason is we can

target our audience easily. And from which we are accessible to all targeted areas like Texas and California. So if customer walks in and if they are interested in targeting more

likely an Indian population in Texas we can provide them a services, we need to be more

mobile to this market where in a starting stage no other agency can be so mobile to

market for an audience in Texas.

Customer Needs + Customer Types + Geographic Area.

In U.S after doing research on Indian population and their existence, we found that there

are many Advertising agencies which their primary focus is to capture Indian Population.

Here, in this market every...
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