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Bradford School of Management

Strategic Marketing Plan
for InterviewBay
Balaji Bangalore Varadarajan
UB No. 08013436

UB No. 08013436

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Statement of Authenticity

I have read the university regulations regarding plagiarism and certify that this project is my own work and does not contain any
unacknowledged work from any other sources


UB No. 08013436

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This is a real-time project done for InterviewBay, a start-up venture specializing in MBA Admission consulting field (providing mock interview services for top business schools). The aim is to create an effective and viable strategic marketing plan to improve the revenue of this company.

Some of the well-known classical marketing theories of Jobber, McDonald and Cohen have been used here to analyse and develop a new marketing template that would fit InterviewBay appropriately. Even though these marketing plans were framed few years ago, they are still appropriate to the contemporary business environment through customisation.

Research has been carried on to determine cost-effective means of advertisements for InterviewBay. The author has collected primary and secondary data. Primary data was collected through personal interviews as well as by conducting online survey to get feedback from aspiring MBA students. This information has been used for setting up pricing strategy as well as to understand the need of these students from the Admission Consultants. The secondary data was sourced from various b-schools and Admission consulting websites. Based on the research results, the author has identified the main market segments that the business can focus on.

Financial forecast (Break-even analysis, Revenue and Cost Projections) for next 3 years of operation has been performed. Suggestion about strategic alliances has also been provided to capture business across the globe.

The author has also provided more recommendations in terms of the pricing, promotions, website development, appointment of an exclusive marketing personnel etc. for the growth of organization

UB No. 08013436

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Balaji Bangalore Varadarajan
(UB No. 08013436)

Management Project submitted to the Bradford University School of Management
in partial fulfilment of the requirements
for the degree of
Master of Business Administration


UB No. 08013436

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With an inner desire to start my own venture in the nearest future, my interests for the past few years has been to understand the problems that a start-up venture would be faced with and to prepare against those issues. My marketing modules in the MBA programme created a major awareness about the need for an effective marketing plan. It also highlighted the usefulness of the marketing plan in the business. Although a marketing plan is required by large as well as small companies, since my interests were towards starting up a venture, I was interested to do a strategic marketing plan for a start-up venture. My MBA subjects and several readings about marketing literatures imparted the knowledge about how a marketing plan can be of great support in the success of a business growth. More than that, it taught me, how many companies have failed due to lack of marketing plan. It also has taught me that writing a marketing plan makes us think about many aspects of business including our strengths and weakness. It forms a clear road map for every individual in the organization. In order to capitalize on the gained theoretical knowledge, I proposed to do a strategic marketing plan for InterviewBay, a start-up firm and a venture of my interest and develop my strategic skills. Thus all these have led to the basis for me to do this project.

I would like to take this opportunity to thank some of the people who helped me to complete this...

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