Business Ethics Exam Note

Topics: Ethics, Normative ethics, Virtue ethics Pages: 2 (1013 words) Published: October 2, 2014
Ethical Dilemma: Two or more values you hold dear, or Personal value conflicts with organizational value Prescriptive (Normative) Principles→Focus on consequences (teleological ethics): Practical and already underlines business thinking. But difficult to evaluate all consequences, right of minorities can be sacrificed./Focus on duties, obligations, principles (deontological ethics): The means matter more than the ends, Decisions based on abstract universal principles such as honesty, fairness, rights. One person’s rights lead to another’s duty, Natural rights are inherent, universal, and inalienable/Focus on virtue (aretaic ethics): The assumption is that the actions of a virtuous person will be virtuous (honesty, promise keeping, integrity, fairness, loyalty, respect for others). Focus on integrity of moral actor rather than the act. They can come from community standards but not necessarily and it’s a minor point. The real issue is that it is about character – the kind of person you want to be as opposed to which action to take. And you can use the disclosure rule Preventive Medicine: Pay attention to your gut/Ask for time/Find out about organizational policy/Ask manager or peers for advice/Use New York Times test (disclosure rule) Servant leaders: Listening/Empathy/Healing/Awareness/Persuasion/Conceptualization/Foresight/Stewardship/Commitment to the growth of people/Building community Consequentialist theory: Utilitarianism→Always act in a way that creates the greatest good for the greatest number/The ends justifies the means (with some exceptions)。Bottom line = action that produces the greatest good for the greatest number of people, for society overall! categorical imperative: this rule asks you to consider whether the rationale for your action is suitable to become a universal law or principle for everyone to follow. veil of ignorance - for deciding what’s fair

Ethic of Reciprocity (Golden Rule): Virtue involves finding a balance between two...
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