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Topics: Critical thinking, Fallacy, Loaded question Pages: 3 (431 words) Published: August 26, 2013
Legacy/Children of Alumni Assignment
6th edition

Read Chapter 9a.

Answer questions 1-8 below in number format (not essay) on “ONE MORE TIME” Legacies/Children of Alumni on p. 403. To make sure you have the correct essay, it begins with “I know a lot of people who whine and complain about the children of alumni…..”

Note: Do NOT answer the questions on any other story or a zero will be given.

1. What’s the issue at hand (question at issue)?

2. Is it significant?

3. a. List the claims being made (you need to find 6 + claims)

b. Is there a factual basis to the claims? Why or why not?

c.What kind of evidence is being provided in support of the claims?

d. Is the use of statistics or other numerical evidence credible?

4. How credible is the speaker as well as the sources cited?

5. What assumptions are underlying any claims being made? (at least 3 + assumptions)

6. Is the language that is being used loaded or slanted in any way? (at least 3 +)

7. Are there any logical fallacies (pp. 394-397) in the argument? (you need to find at least 6+ fallacies). You need to identify which sentences in the story are fallacies and specify which fallacy (or fallacies) they violate. For example:

“If we cut down on the number of legacy admissions, what would happen to the college budget? We might not even be able to keep things running!” Slippery Slope

8. Is there anything important being left out of the presentation?

Helpful Hints:

To help you answer the questions, you will need to read Chapter 9a

A. Assumptions presuppose (take for granted) something. For example, Hope “assumes” that her friend that works at the admissions office is reliable.

B. Loaded or slanted language tries to bias the reader or put a “picture” in the reader’s mind of the situation without the reader really knowing all the facts. Examples of loaded or slanted might be:

Ex: 1....
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