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Business Communication Assessment 3-Business Project Report January 1
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Executive summery In executive summery I will describe about communication and technology which is used in organisation internally and externally and how these factors effects to organisation. Topic:1

Organisation goals, policies, culture and ethics
In this we will discuss organisation mission, formal mission, goals value are identified. Moreover organisation culture will described in terms of goals ethics and intercultural communication. We will also talk about treaty Waitangi in which we have to describe relevance of it. Topic:2

Organisation structure and communication channel
In this step I am going to describe structure and diagram of company which is provided and also I will talk about formal lines of reporting and responsibility which comes in under the company. On the other side we will discuss about the range of communication roles and channel like internal and external networks that how company use this. Topic:3

Communication technologies and tools
This step about technology and tools which company use to run the business. Here first we are identified the ICT systems and tools for information knowledge management. Other side company relevant communication technologies are discussed for specific roles and responsibilities. We also will have to identify the training and uptake strategies and IT goals and strategies. Recommendations

In recommendation I will suggest that what other things company need and to improve or change for more good communications.

Findings ,Conclusion And Recommendations

Organisational Culture
The Caltex is a fuel company as we know there are three to four hundred branches of Caltex Company in Newzealand.And this branch a part of a Caltex company as every company and organisation has dream and goal same like this Caltex company have their own goals and policies. Mr Pawan khanna who is the manager of this branch and he takes the responsibility to run this organisation .Caltex is fuel company and other side every Caltex do have convenience store. Moreover in the case of goals the company always try to accomplish the goal in market that company make high standard and good reputation in market and also try to sell better product and service to their customer for getting satisfaction and expectation of customers.Not only manager the every staff of company try to add the good values in company from which company can make good profit. There are 8 staff members are working in this organisation they all are responsible the main thing is this staff member are different countries like shrilanka, Fiji and India and they belongs to different culture but they all are friendly and polite each other they work together in organisation and they know the value of customer and how to respect to their customer because customer is precious for an any organisation so staff member have to show their soft nature to them. The owner of company has made some rule and regulation that is not give chance to any ethics between staff because all staff speaks only one language the wear same dress in workplace. The all staff of company knows very well about treaty Waitangi and whenever they serve the customer they give full respects to them mostly for Maori people whenever any Maori customer come in this organisation the staff members try to give them proper service with good manner that they can feel better and also they give discount on some things.

In conclusion it can be seen that the company main purpose is to...

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