Burmese Pythons in Florida

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Burmese Pythons in Florida
There are many different types of snakes in the state of Florida from the average garden snake to the very venomous Eastern Diamondback Rattle but so far the only one that has both citizens and politicians truly worried about are the Burmese Pythons that are located in the Everglades, a National Park located in southern Florida. Burmese Pythons have a beautiful patterned skin, a rapid growth rate, which is known as the largest snake of choice to be owned by human. During, captivate Burmese python are poorly taking care of; some turn on their owners and end up killing them. Due to, them being poorly taking care pythons are release into the wild or in a nearby wooded area to defended for themselves and find food. (National…).

Habitat depletion, continued demand for Burmese pythons in the pet trade, and hunting for their skins and flesh have landed these graceful giants on the threatened species list. (National..) Python molurus bivittatus or the Burmese Python originate from the Southeast Asia. Around the end of the twentieth century, there has been a breeding population of Burmese Pythons in Florida, especially in the Everglade. This popular exotic animal has been released or has escaped from their owner’s homes or outdoor enclosures. According to USA Today, facts about Burmese Pythons are they come from Southeast Asia; they came to America as pets of trade; first appeared in the Florida Everglades in the mid-1990s. (du Pre). These snakes can get as big as 23 feet or more and weigh as much as 200 pounds; they are excellent swimmers and can stay under water for up to 20 minutes, according to the National Geographic. (du Pre).

The number of Burmese pythons in the Florida Everglades could run into the "tens of thousands." Large amounts of "raccoons, opossums, bobcats and other mammals" have been eaten by the carnivorous reptiles, and scientists fear the situation will worsen. (du Pre).

Burmese Pythons...

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