Bully: a True Story of High School Revenge

Topics: Murder of Bobby Kent, Broward County, Florida, Bully Pages: 5 (2093 words) Published: April 4, 2007
The story of Bobby Kent, a true Bully, can be read through the writings of Jim Schutze. Bobby Kent was a young man who grew up in Broward Country Florida and seemed to live two completely different lifestyles. To parents and teachers, he was often times known as an intelligent individual with goals that would lead to success in the future. Bobby Kent was a young man who maintained good grades in school and seemed to be athletic. He was naturally charming and attractive while appearing to have good character. Bobby Kent had parents who wanted nothing but the best for him and were determined to give him what has become known as the "American Dream". His father, Fred Kent insisted that Bobby become his own boss and offered to help him open up a car stereo shop as this proved to be a hobby that Bobby enjoyed. Bobby's mother, Farah Kent wanted the same thing as most mothers and that was to see her son become a success. Although many viewed Bobby Kent as an admirable individual, the seven individuals who took part in his murder, could not agree to all of the qualities that have been presented thus far. The seven individuals who took part in the murder of Bobby Kent were his best friend Marty Puccio, Lisa Connelly, Derek Kaufman, Derek Dzvirko, Allison Willis, Donny Semenec, and Heather Swallers.

Marty Puccio, the best friend of Bobby Kent, was one individual that was always by Bobby's side and received much of the bad treatment that Bobby Kent gave out in his lifetime. Often times, the two would have an idea and if it was not carried out correctly or at least correctly in the eyes of Bobby Kent, Marty Puccio would pay for the error. The pair of boys grew up together in Broward County and both boys had parents that were against the two boys being friends. Often times, Marty Puccio would return home with many bruises or blood crusted to parts of his face and when questioned where it came from, Marty would just request that his parents moved to a new county. Although this move did not happen, Marty requested it on several occasions and his parents were never sure of what exactly Bobby Kent had done to their son, but they knew that the unaccountable bruises had something to do with those actions of Bobby Kent.

The relationship between Bobby Kent and Marty Puccio was an interesting one in that the two boys called themselves "best friends". However, while reading the book, one can not help but think that Marty Puccio served more as a punching bag for Bobby Kent whenever Bobby's rage seemed to come about. The pair lived a few houses away from each other so they can even be named as neighbors as well. The main pastime the boys seemed to find throughout high school was an attempt at creating homosexual porn films in order to try and make more money. The boys planned and attempted to create these films and then sell them to local sex shops. Although it was stated that neither Bobby Kent nor Marty Puccio actually performed in the tapes, the pair did however force a known gay individual to perform sexual acts on him self for the video that even the man himself found to be somewhat gruesome. The two boys also seemed to have a fascination in terrorizing the disabled and the handicapped community. Over time, the friendship obviously spun out of control as Marty Puccio began to fear Bobby Kent which I believe to be one of the main reasons that Bobby Kent was murdered.

Out of the individuals that helped in the murder of Bobby Kent, the next to be mentioned is Lisa Connelly who is also the girlfriend of Marty Puccio. Lisa had very low self confidence and self esteem as she proclaimed time and time again that she was overweight, ugly and poor. However, she saw Marty Puccio as the exact opposite and in a sense worshipped him as he was the first boyfriend that she had ever had. Part of the problem that Lisa seemed to obtain with Bobby seemed to arise from a bit of jealousy as it seemed that Lisa felt as if Bobby Kent was getting in the way...
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