Buju Banton song untold story

Topics: Buju Banton, Unemployment, Dancehall Pages: 4 (1313 words) Published: October 29, 2013
Jamaica is an island country situated in the Caribbean Sea. The indigenous people once a spanish possession known as Santiago in 1965 it came under the rule of ENGLAND (LATER great Britian), and was called Jamaica. In the following paragraph I will discuss the background of Mark-Anthony Myrie. Mark Anthony Myrie other known as Buju Banton grew up in Salt Lane ghetto of Kingston, the capital city of Jamaica. He was born on the 15th July, 1973. Gaining the nickname “Buju” for his chubby build which resembled that of the large, round BREADFRUIT (CALLED “buju” in the local slang). Myrie took part in dancehall deejaying while still a youth. Later, he would adopt the surname “Banton” in the honor of another Burro Banton who served as an early mentor. Two decades later Buju Banton became one of his country’s top dj’s. He is a Jamaican dancehall, raga and reggae musician. He has recorded pop and dancehall songs, as well as, songs dealing with socio political issues within his country. Buju music was known for his known for his slackness, focused on several beats that were often explicit. Once he began recording Banton’s work tyipified the slackness genre with song such as “Love Me Browning” his first number one single in Jamaica and “Love Black Woman,” another hit that same year. In the following paragraphs I will state why the song was made, when it was released, issues in the song and the issues in the song in relation to jamaica at the time it was released. After two of Buju’s childhoods friends died. It forced him to look at life from a different perspective. Under the influence of Rastafarians, Buju looked at himself honestly, his music and the problems in his society. He then realised that he himself was contributing to the problems in his society by the songs he were singing and the impact it had on others. Banton released his next album, “Til Shiloh ” which means until kingdom come or forever, on the loose cannon division of Mercury rewards in...

Bibliography: POVERTY IN JAMICA,www.Columbia.edu/cu/ccbl souls/vol 3 no.4/vol.3 no.4/ num4 5 pdf.
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