Building Strong Communities
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1.4 Building Strong Communities
1. 1. Using the information you have gathered regarding your community health issue, write a letter to your local legislature. You may use an example provided on the Activity page to write about or select another health need in your community.
2. 2. Include at least two possible solutions, and state your resources.
3. 3. Complete your letter in the section below.
4. 11250 NW 7th street
5. Plantation, FL 33325
6. June 29th, 2015
8. Representative Katie A. Edwards
9. Florida House of Representatives
10. 777 Sawgrass Corporate Parkway
11. Sunrise, FL 33325-6256
13. Dear Representative Edwards,
14. I live in the City of Plantation. In my community, many of the local dog parks aren’t properly regulated and are filled with diseases and other risks, such as the Canine Flu. This can cause serious injury, illness, and could even lead to death for some of the animals in the parks.
16. Sometimes as a community, we can check and make sure every dog that enters the park has all their shots and vaccines. Also, if a dog has been kicked out of a dog park due to aggressive and violent behavior, other dog parks should be alerted and notified. This will ensure that these specific dogs cannot potentially harm other dogs or humans in the parks.
18. Thank you for taking the time to review the health issues within our community. I certainly hope that this problem can soon be rectified. Please let me know if i can assist in any way as i am eager for a nicer, safer, and especially healthier community where my dogs can safely play.
20. Sincerely,
21. Spencer Tobin

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