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1.0Executive Summary

The proposals that we are going to depose are a planning of continuous action in order to confront the challenges, which BT confronts. The most important factor is considered to be the fact that the marketing environment changed rapidly after the deregulation of the telephone industry. Up to then BT was operating as a monopoly, ignoring the competition and ways to face it. Our intention is to achieve the already given targets and also prepare BT for an opening to new horizons. In addition, in order to face the fast changing environment we have to introduce within the companies activities like cross selling and e-marketing. A new era is at about to start, where BT will become one of the leaders within the global telecommunications industry starting from its dominance in the UK.

2.0Preface of our Potential Marketing Plan Strategy

Marketing is considered to be the most visible functional activity of profit-seeking organisations . However, for the appliance of a new Marketing Strategy, many changes have to be done as far as it concerns the complete infrastructure of an organisation, as well as the corporational beliefs and values. Our suggested strategy emphasizes on our effort to launch BT as a potential ¡¥active member¡¦ in the economical and social life of the country, in contradiction to the characterisation of the past as a ¡¥public enemy¡¦ from the press. Our planning is based on an analysis of the customer¡¦s future requirements, as well as the current needs in comparison to the past. Major role at this planning plays the succession process from one time sector to the other. The philosophy of our strategic business plans is to bridge the gaps between past, present and future, having as a result a limitation of available time to our competitors to attack to our market share while we remain idle. Our proposals include a ¡¥bouquet¡¦ of changes, improvements and alternative solutions (segmentation planning, direct marketing campaigns), targeting in the creation of a competitive advantage through Relationship Marketing and flexible Marketing Strategy with the wide use of Direct Marketing techniques, in order to attribute to the loyalty strategy of BT and also create some barriers which will protect the BT¡¦s market share and leading positions building ¡¥iron walls¡¦. This tactic aims not only to secure the existing customers, but also to attract a respected percentage of customers who were disappointed and finally abandoned BT for another attractive competitor. The code name we gave to our project is ¡¥Low Bap¡¦: the sound of boots of an army when is marching in the battlefield. With this name we compare the business corporations of the present with the huge armies of the past. In this way, we could consider BT as a big army of the past, which has to be kept in a continuous march so as to meet our targets both in short and long-term. Regarding the number of the consumers that are involved and the size of funds, which are going to be used, BT¡¦s strategy will be an example that may have both a positive or negative effect to the Global business field in the future. It is up to us to build BT¡¦s fame as an innovative strategic planner or another bureaucratic plodding giant.

3.0Situation Analysis.
Before giving our proposals and suggestions, we are going to highlight the key aspects we observed when we were analysing the current situation. These can be mentioned as the most important factors that determine our strategy and their presentation will help you to comprehend the status quo as we estimated it from our own experience.

3.1 Market Summary.
The market in which we are going to be activated is defined from the borders of the UK. However, Britain is considered to be one of the most developed countries in the world, so it is really difficult to study examples of other companies and other countries in similar situations. Moreover, as an undoubted market leader, BT has, in most...

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