Brown Girl in the Ring - Book Report

Topics: Drug addiction, Drug, Novel Pages: 2 (748 words) Published: July 30, 2008
Nalo Hopkinson's Brown Girl in the Ring creates a vision of a twenty-first century Toronto suffering political and economical crises, which has been barricaded by the suburbs. The main character of the novel is Ti-Jeanne, a young girl who loses everything in the story. Her story starts as a young troubled girl, fearful, surrounded by bad luck and scared of her grandmother, Mami. Throughout the story she interacts only to few people with whom her relationships are well established and interesting. Ti-Jeanne is involved in three different conflicts throughout her role. First being her special destiny, which is reflected from one of the line: “Ti-Jeanne could see with more than sight. Sometimes she saw how people were going to die”. But she hated these visions as they made her vulnerable. Whenever she used to get these visions, she lost whatever was going on in her surroundings, which she can’t afford to lose in the dangerous neighborhood she was residing. Ti-Jeanne works hard to separate her grandmother’s religious practice from her practice and knowledge as a person who heals. Since her grandmother was a registered nurse before the city was abandoned, she perceives her ability to heal as a professional skill rather than a god-given gift. Even though Mami’s stock of pharmaceutical drugs kept on increasing, she always made drugs using traditional herbals, which made it difficult for Ti-Jeanne to separate her grandmother’s practices. The second conflict involved, was her relationship with Tony, the father of the baby. Tony a drug addict worked for Rudy, the deadly drug dealer who threatened everyone in his neighborhood. When Ti-Jeanne came to know she was pregnant, she left Tony for the sake of the baby and returned to her grandmother's home. She always wanted Tony to stop working for...
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