Brokeback mountain

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Brokeback Mountain - Essay

The story is about homosexual men who have an affair throughout the story. The theme is something about the forbidden love between two homosexual men in America in the 1960’s, which where a very taboo topic back then and something almost everybody looked wrong at.

The story takes place in America, in the time period from 1963-1983. The story starts on Brokeback Mountain in 1963, when they are done working on Brokeback Mountain they don’t see each other for 4 years. When they meet it is on a motel close to Ennis home, after that the story is about Ennis life and Jack Twist’s crosswise on each other. Ennis family is in the social lower class, because they are only having enough money to buy a house in the town. Jack Twist marries himself into a social upper class life. The two men are very different and their family’s too. Ennis family and especially Alma is very suspicious to all the fishing trips Ennis goes compared to Laureen Jack Twist’s wife, she is just okay with all weekends Jack Twist spends on fishing with Ennis del Mar.

Ennis Del Mar - A rough-mannered man, a ranch worker. Ennis’s parents died unfortunately in an auto accident when he was a kid, and he was raised by his older brother and his sister. Although he falls in love with Jack Twist during the summer they spend together on Brokeback Mountain. He marries his girl Alma Beers and has two daughters. Ennis del Mar is a calm man who is mired in the life he has made for himself, sometimes he experience glimpses of the happy and good life he and Jack could have had with each other if their circumstances had been different. In the text page 3 line 8-12 there is an outer characterization of Ennis Del Mar, he is described as a muscular man with uncommonly quick reflexes.

Jack Twist - A passionate, emotional ranch worker. Jack Twist was raised on a ranch and had no money, although he is obsessed with the rodeo lifestyle, he loves the rodeo. His father was a really...
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