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Pasta Bridges | Engineering studies | | Eden Marine High School Mrs FlitzPatrick | | Michael Boden | 11/24/2012 | |

For many years people have been trying to make the best bridges in the world through length, width, height and even its height. But on top of this they try and make it as cheap as possible and also the easiest way possible. This is through the use of engineers. In this report I have been trying to construct a pasta bridge with pasta and pva glue. This bridge was staked with weights to find its strength and its breaking point. We found out that this bridge took 6kg and broke in its centre because this was the weakest construct of the bridge because the lack of its support in that area. In the end this bridge came second to Rowans that took 18 kg.

The author would like to acknowledge the teacher for all her effort she has put into teaching our class even though our normal teacher is sick.
I would also like to acknowledge my parents for always showing support towards my studies in school

Abstract 1
Acknowledgments 2
List of figures 4
List of tables 5
Nomenclature 6
Introduction 7
Main section * History/society 7 * Materials 14 * Production 14 * Mechanics 15 * Graphics 16
Conclusions 17
Recommendations 17
References 17


Me and Mrs FlitzPatrick’s bridge

Tables Weight | Description | 1.5 | Perfect | 2.5 | Perfect | 3.5 | Perfect | 4.5 | Starting to bend in the middle | 5.5 | Keeps on bending | 6 | Brakes in its middle |


In this report there deals with the problems that bridges have been constructed in the last 3000 years to deal with problems that they have in counted as well as what they have done to overcome

References: ‘Engineering Studies The Definitive Guide Volume 2 2nd Edition by Paul L. Copeland’

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