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Topics: Narrative, Franz Kafka, Want Pages: 2 (498 words) Published: October 13, 2013
Area of Study:- BELONGING
What ideas about belonging are explored in the texts you have studied in your AOS?

Belonging to a community or group has a significant impact on an individual‟s sense of self. Belonging is a basic human desire. It can be formed via family , culture and also self – discovery. Texts can show the importance for one to belong to a purpose as an outrageous world of dancing in Baz Luhrmann‟s “Strictly Ballroom” demonstrates how the use of filmic techniques can bring an understanding of the difference between conforming and belonging by choice. Also the novel “Metamorphosis” by Franz Kafka illustrate the difficulties to accept individual human conditions through a narration style. However, with poetic techniques “Mirror on the Wall” by Lil Wayne is an optimistically toned representation of how individuals have the ability to control their basic need for acceptance.

“Strictly Ballroom” and “Metamorphosis” are two texts that explore the idea that belonging is a difficult concept to grasp when every individual has their own ambitions. The symbol “ Dance to win” video in many keys scenes is showing the competitive nature if conformity within [the] ballroom world. This is shown in the mockumentary scene. The mockumentary scene uses humour, characterisation through actions, body language and costume to explore the idea the need to belong is so strong that it can be “over the top/excessive” and even corrupt some to consider the need [to belong] above others. A tone of mock tragedy [is] expressed through Shirley‟s exaggerated rhetorical questions “I kept asking myself, why? Did I fail him as a mother?” portray misunderstanding of her son‟s ambitions [AND an excessively strong connection or desire to fit in . . .]. Liz says “ she wants Ken Railings to walk in and say “ Pam short‟s broken both her legs and I want to dance with you” , it is followed by a [quick] crosscut back to Ken Railing ironically repeating the exact words show[ing the]...
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