Breaking Traditions

Topics: Tradition, Young, Youth Pages: 2 (717 words) Published: April 11, 2013
Youth Follow Traditions
Traditions take a great significance in everyone’s life. Adults think that it is very important to follow the traditions which are passed by ancestors and cannot abandon these customs or allow children ignore them. However, as for youth, saidi a. (2002,April 26)said,“ Throughout the centuries, youth have been pressured by the "older" and "wiser" adults of their generation as they continue to accept traditions and customs ”. Youth take these traditions for granted and are more eager to chase fashion instead of following traditions, which is a great concern for their parents. In the next ,we will discuss some causes about why youth not follow traditions as well as effects of this kind of behaviour. First of all , the youth of today have a stronger sense of self ,that means they prefer to express themselves in their own way and break away from the traditions which are considered outdated and bored. When young people face the traditions, they choose their unique to celebrate it rather than continuing the old fashioned way. Take Christmas Day as an example, people usually gather together with family to celebrate Christmas, but some teenagers choose to go to party with their friends instead of staying at home listening family old traditions. As a result , the relationship of family may get cold because they give up a great chance to communicate with family .However, yokama asserts that the youth are full of imagination and creativity. By acting in their own ways, young people are likely to develop their potential which helps to succeed. In this positive way ,it may provide more space for young people to find their talent and become successful . (2012, April 15) On the other hand , family can be another factor influencing youth conceptions of traditions. Some parents are too busy with their enterprises to educate their kids to value traditions , or indeed they don’t care about it. In...
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