Breakfast cClub analysis

Topics: The Breakfast Club, Pressure, John Hughes Pages: 2 (574 words) Published: October 31, 2013

The Breakfast Club Analysis

The movie The Breakfast Club is about a group of high school students who are forced to attend detention on a Saturday morning. All five of them have different backgrounds and from the outside, seem to have nothing in common with each other. Because they are forced to sit with each other for most of the day in the school library, they end up talking and getting to know each other pretty well. In The Breakfast Club, director John Hughes brings these five completely different characters together to show that there is more to people than their stereotypes.

The characters Hughes uses could not be more different from each other than they already were to begin the movie. There was a princess, an athlete, a nerd, a criminal and a basket case. I liked the choice of characters because they really contrasted each other’s characteristics and that illuminated the differences they had between them all. As soon as they begin to break the ice with each other and talk, the predetermined thoughts and stereotypes about each one of them began to pour out from each one of them. None of them had known each other previously, but they all had a stereotype tagged to one another. As they fought, they began to realize that the struggles, insecurities and pressures they had were the same ones that the people who seemed so different had. They touched on the lack of communication they all had with their parents. Their home life was not satisfying to them. This is very relatable to the viewer because everyone goes through struggles with their parents and we are not always on the same page with them. John describes his home life as violent and lacking compassion and that helps his peers in detention with him realize why he acts the way he does. They were quick to judge him before, but now they can at least understand and maybe even relate to John’s situation. When the students asked Allison why her home life was unsatisfying she told them that she is...
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